§ 22-2-301 Automated selection of names for jury list
§ 22-2-302 Alternate non-automated jury selection method
§ 22-2-303 Counties having courts in two places — Separate records
§ 22-2-304 Automated selection of names for jury pool
§ 22-2-305 Selection of names for jury pool by alternate manual means
§ 22-2-306 Juror Summons — Contents
§ 22-2-307 Summoning jurors
§ 22-2-308 Publication of jury list — Copies
§ 22-2-309 Attendance of jurors — Excuse upon showing of sufficient cause
§ 22-2-310 Impaneling jurors — Additional jurors
§ 22-2-311 Jury coordinator’s report in first day’s minutes — Investigation of irregularities
§ 22-2-312 Selection and summons when no jury pool provided
§ 22-2-313 Objection required to affect validity of selection
§ 22-2-314 Limitation on jury service
§ 22-2-315 Postponement of jury service
§ 22-2-316 Delegation of judge’s duties

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