Chapter 1 Department of Commerce and Insurance
Chapter 2 Insurance Companies
Chapter 3 Operation of Insurance Companies
Chapter 4 Fees and Taxes
Chapter 5 Rates and Rating Organizations
Chapter 6 Agents, Solicitors and Administrators
Chapter 7 Policies and Policyholders
Chapter 8 Unfair Competition and Unfair or Deceptive Practices
Chapter 9 Insurers Rehabilitation and Liquidation Act
Chapter 10 Merger, Consolidation and Exchange of Stock
Chapter 11 Insurance Holding Company System Act of 1986
Chapter 12 Insurance Guaranty Associations
Chapter 13 Tennessee Captive Insurance Company Act
Chapter 14 Surplus Lines Insurance Act
Chapter 15 Fidelity and Bonding Companies
Chapter 16 Exchange or Reciprocal Insurance Act of 1990
Chapter 17 Professional Liability Reciprocal Insurance [Repealed]
Chapter 18 Mutual Life Insurance Companies
Chapter 19 Mutual Insurance Companies Other Than Life
Chapter 20 Mutual or Assessment Fire Insurance Companies
Chapter 21 State Mutual Fire Insurance Companies
Chapter 22 Tennessee County Mutual Insurance Company Act of 2006
Chapter 23 State Stock Fire Insurance Companies
Chapter 24 Insolvent Domestic Corporations
Chapter 25 Fraternal Benefit Societies
Chapter 26 Accident and Sickness Insurance
Chapter 27 Medical Service Plan Law, 1945
Chapter 28 Hospital Service Corporations
Chapter 29 Hospital and Medical Service Corporations
Chapter 30 Dental Service Plan Law, 1961
Chapter 31 Vision Service Plan Law
Chapter 32 Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1986
Chapter 33 [Reserved]
Chapter 34 Burial Insurance [Repealed or Obsolete]
Chapter 35 Title Insurance Law
Chapter 36 Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Individual Deferred Annuities
Chapter 37 Premium Finance Company Act of 1980
Chapter 38 Amusement Ride and Attraction Safety Insurance Act of 1984 [Repealed]
Chapter 39 Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool [Transferred or Repealed]
Chapter 40 Indemnified Employee Welfare Benefit Plans
Chapter 41 Joint Underwriting/Risk Sharing
Chapter 42 Long-Term Care Insurance Act
Chapter 43 Tennessee Legal Insurance Act
Chapter 44 Filings with National Association of Insurance Commissioners
Chapter 45 Risk Retention Groups and Purchasing Groups
Chapter 46 Risk-Based Capital for Insurers Act
Chapter 47 Workers’ Compensation Fraud Act
Chapter 48 Provider-Sponsored Organization Act of 1998
Chapter 49 Tennessee Creditor-Placed Insurance Act of 1999
Chapter 50 Tennessee Viatical Settlement Act of 2009
Chapter 51 Tennessee Prepaid Limited Health Service Organization Act of 2000
Chapter 52 Tennessee Charitable Gift Annuity Act of 2008
Chapter 53 Insurance Fraud
Chapter 54 Tennessee Medical Malpractice Reporting Act
Chapter 55 Tennessee Vehicle Protection Product Act
Chapter 56 Staff Leasing Companies
Chapter 57 Volunteer RX
Chapter 58 Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact Act of 2007
Chapter 59 Guaranteed Asset Protection Waiver Act of 2008
Chapter 60 Preferred Provider Organization Transparency Act [Effective January 1, 2010]