§ 56-7-2401 Reimbursement for services of optometrists, psychologists, podiatrists and social workers
§ 56-7-2402 Participation by optometrists, podiatrists and social workers in medical, hospital, and hospital and medical service plans
§ 56-7-2403 Applicability and scope of §§ 56-7-2401 and 56-7-2402
§ 56-7-2404 Reimbursable services within scope of practice of chiropractor — Discrimination prohibited
§ 56-7-2405 Health and accident policies — Surgical procedures within scope of dentistry and podiatry
§ 56-7-2406 Health care services provided by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
§ 56-7-2407 Nurse midwife services
§ 56-7-2408 Reimbursement for services by nurse in advanced practice

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