Terms Used In Texas Agriculture Code 21.002

Subject to available funds, a nonprofit organization is eligible to receive a grant under this chapter if the organization:
(1) has at least five years of experience coordinating a statewide network of food banks and charitable organizations that serve each county of this state;
(2) operates a program that coordinates the collection and transportation of surplus agricultural products to a statewide network of food banks that provide food to needy or low-income individuals; and
(3) submits to the department, in the manner and time prescribed by the department, a proposal for the collection and distribution to food banks or other charitable organizations for use in providing food to needy or low-income individuals of surplus agricultural products, including:
(A) a description of the proposal;
(B) a schedule of projected costs for the proposal;
(C) measurable goals for the proposal; and
(D) a plan for evaluating the success of the proposal.