§ 622.101 Connecting Sweepstakes Entry or Operation to Order or Purchase
§ 622.102 Using Multiple Sweepstakes Entry Addresses or Multiple Purposes for Address
§ 622.103 Allowing Choice of Prize or Indication of Preferred Prize Characteristics
§ 622.104 Sending Sweepstakes Material That Includes Certain Statements or Implications
§ 622.105 Using Game Piece to Convey Information or Offer to Enter
§ 622.106 Publishing Advertisements or Rules With Inconsistent or Incomplete Prize Descriptions
§ 622.107 Engaging in Conduct That Falsely Indicates an Individual Has Won
§ 622.108 Awarding Multiple Prizes
§ 622.109 Mailing Certain Offers During Period Following Sweepstakes
§ 622.110 Providing Names or Addresses Used in Prohibited Sweepstakes

Terms Used In Texas Business and Commerce Code Chapter 622 > Subchapter C - Prohibited Acts or Conduct

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