(a) Except as otherwise provided by this code and subject to Chapter 8, Business & Commerce Code, a corporation may consider the person registered as the owner of a share in the share transfer records of the corporation at a particular time, including a record date set under Section 6.101 or 6.102 or Subchapter H, as the owner of that share at that time for purposes of:
(1) voting the share;
(2) receiving distributions on the share;
(3) transferring the share;
(4) receiving notice, exercising rights of dissent, exercising or waiving a preemptive right, or giving proxies with respect to that share;
(5) entering into agreements with respect to that share in accordance with Section 6.251, 6.252, or 21.210; or
(6) any other shareholder action.
(b) A corporation may establish a procedure by which the corporation recognizes as a shareholder the beneficial owner of shares registered in the name of a nominee.

Terms Used In Texas Business Organizations Code 21.201

  • Business: means a trade, occupation, profession, or other commercial activity. See Texas Business Organizations Code 1.002
  • Corporation: means an entity governed as a corporation under Title 2 or 7. See Texas Business Organizations Code 1.002
  • Person: means an individual or a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, business trust, trust, association, or other organization, estate, government or governmental subdivision or agency, or other legal entity, or a series of a domestic limited liability company or foreign entity. See Texas Business Organizations Code 1.002
  • Share: means a unit into which the ownership interest in a for-profit corporation, professional corporation, real estate investment trust, or professional association is divided, regardless of whether the share is certificated or uncertificated. See Texas Business Organizations Code 1.002

(c) A procedure established under Subsection (b) must:
(1) determine the extent of the corporation’s recognition of the beneficial owner as a shareholder; and
(2) include the nominee’s filing of a statement with the corporation that contains information regarding the beneficial owner.
(d) A procedure established under Subsection (b) may set forth:
(1) the types of nominees to which the procedure applies;
(2) the rights or privileges that the corporation will recognize in a beneficial owner, to the extent that the rights or privileges are not inconsistent with Section 10.361(g);
(3) the manner in which the procedure is selected by the nominee;
(4) the information that must be provided when the procedure is selected;
(5) the period for which the selection of the procedure is effective; and
(6) any other aspect of the rights and duties to be established under the procedure.