(a) To perform any activity regulated by this chapter, the individual must:
(1) obtain the proper individual license under Subsection (b); and
(2) be employed by a company license holder.
(b) An individual must obtain the appropriate individual license in accordance with the requirements of this chapter and related administrative rules if the individual:
(1) is employed as:
(A) an alarm instructor;
(B) an alarm systems installer;
(C) an alarm systems monitor;
(D) an electronic access control device installer;
(E) a level 3 classroom or firearm instructor;
(F) a locksmith;
(G) a noncommissioned security officer;
(H) a level 4 personal protection instructor;
(I) a private investigator; or
(J) an individual whose duties include performing another activity for which an individual license is required under Subsection (e); or
(2) is an owner who owns at least a 51 percent interest in a company license holder.

Terms Used In Texas Occupations Code 1702.221

(c) Licensure under this chapter does not preclude an individual from performing additional duties or services authorized by the individual’s employer that are not regulated by this chapter. An individual who performs more than one of the services that require an individual license under this section must obtain an individual license for each service.
(d) In addition to the services listed in Subsection (b), a person holding a security officer commission must also obtain an individual license for personal protection if the individual performs the services described by Section 1702.202.
(e) The commission by rule may require a person to hold an individual license for performing any other activity expressly regulated by this chapter.