§ 92.151 Definitions
§ 92.152 Application of Subchapter
§ 92.153 Security Devices Required Without Necessity of Tenant Request
§ 92.154 Height, Strike Plate, and Throw Requirements–Keyed Dead Bolt or Keyless Bolting Device
§ 92.155 Height Requirements–Sliding Door Security Devices
§ 92.156 Rekeying or Change of Security Devices
§ 92.157 Security Devices Requested by Tenant
§ 92.158 Landlord’s Duty to Repair or Replace Security Device
§ 92.159 When Tenant’s Request or Notice Must Be in Writing
§ 92.160 Type, Brand, and Manner of Installation
§ 92.161 Compliance With Tenant Request Required Within Reasonable Time
§ 92.162 Payment of Charges; Limits On Amount Charged
§ 92.163 Removal or Alteration of Security Device by Tenant
§ 92.164 Tenant Remedies for Landlord’s Failure to Install or Rekey Certain Security Devices
§ 92.1641 Landlord’s Defenses Relating to Installing or Rekeying Certain Security Devices
§ 92.165 Tenant Remedies for Other Landlord Violations
§ 92.166 Notice of Tenant’s Deduction of Repair Costs From Rent
§ 92.167 Landlord’s Defenses Relating to Compliance With Tenant’s Request
§ 92.168 Tenant’s Remedy On Notice From Management Company
§ 92.169 Agent for Delivery of Notice
§ 92.170 Effect On Other Landlord Duties and Tenant Remedies

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