(a) Each director shall complete an education program of not less than 10 hours that includes information on:
(1) the history of the district;
(2) the district’s enabling legislation;
(3) Chapters 49 and 65, Water Code, and other laws that apply to the district, including the requirements of the:
(A) open meetings law, Chapter 551, Government Code; and
(B) public information law, Chapter 552, Government Code;
(4) relevant legal developments related to water district governance;
(5) the duties and responsibilities of the board;
(6) the requirements of conflict of interest laws and other laws relating to public officials; and
(7) any applicable ethics policies adopted by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality or the Texas Ethics Commission.
(b) The district shall pay any costs associated with the development of the education program from district revenue.
(c) The education program may include training provided by an organization offering courses that have been approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
(d) The board may adopt bylaws modifying the education program as necessary to meet district needs.
(e) The education program must be made available so that each director may meet the requirements provided by Section 7201.054.