(a) For any transportation project to be delivered through the design-build method, an authority must prepare and issue a request for qualifications. A request for qualifications must include:
(1) information regarding the proposed project’s location, scope, and limits;
(2) information regarding funding that may be available for the project and a description of the financing to be requested from the design-build contractor, as applicable;
(3) criteria that will be used to evaluate the proposals, which must include a proposer’s qualifications, experience, technical competence, and ability to develop the project;
(4) the relative weight to be given to the criteria; and
(5) the deadline by which proposals must be received by the authority.
(b) An authority shall publish notice advertising the issuance of a request for qualifications in the Texas Register and on an Internet website maintained by the authority.
(c) An authority shall evaluate each qualifications statement received in response to a request for qualifications based on the criteria identified in the request. An authority may interview responding proposers. Based on the authority’s evaluation of qualifications statements and interviews, if any, an authority shall qualify or short-list proposers to submit detailed proposals.
(d) An authority shall qualify or short-list at least two, but no more than five, firms to submit detailed proposals under Section 370.406. If an authority receives only one responsive proposal to a request for qualifications, the authority shall terminate the procurement.
(e) An authority may withdraw a request for qualifications or request for detailed proposals at any time.