(1)  Any store, shop, warehouse, dwelling house, building, vehicle, boat, aircraft, or other place to which users or possessors of any controlled substances, listed in schedules I through V, resort or where use or possession of any substances violates this act, or which is used for illegal keeping, storing, or selling any substances listed as controlled substances in schedules I through V shall be deemed a common nuisance. No person shall open, keep, or maintain any such place.

Terms Used In Utah Code 58-37-14

  • Person: means any corporation, association, partnership, trust, other institution or entity or one or more individuals. See Utah Code 32B-6-805
  • use: means the joint or individual ownership, control, occupancy, holding, retaining, belonging, maintaining, or the application, inhalation, swallowing, injection, or consumption, as distinguished from distribution, of controlled substances and includes individual, joint, or group possession or use of controlled substances. See Utah Code 32B-6-805
(2)  The district court has the power to make any order necessary or reasonable to suppress any nuisance and to enjoin any person or persons from doing any act calculated to cause, or permit the continuation of a nuisance.

Enacted by Chapter 145, 1971 General Session