A. The Board shall provide a Center for Health Statistics to perform data program development, reporting, systems operations, analysis and consultation, for the Department of Health, for county and city departments of health and other public agencies having health-related duties.

Terms Used In Virginia Code 32.1-276.1

  • City: means an independent incorporated community which became a city as provided by law before noon on July 1, 1971, or which has within defined boundaries a population of 5,000 or more and which has become a city as provided by law. See Virginia Code 1-208
  • Commissioner: means the State Health Commissioner. See Virginia Code 32.1-3
  • Department: means the State Department of Health. See Virginia Code 32.1-3

B. The Director of the Center for Health Statistics, under the supervision of the Commissioner, shall:

1. Supervise the Center for Health Statistics.

2. Collect other health-related records and reports and prepare, tabulate, analyze, and publish vital statistics and other health statistical data of this Commonwealth and such other reports as may be required by the Commissioner or the Board.

1983, c. 240.