If any person against whom a warrant may be issued for an alleged offense, committed in any county, shall either before or after the issuing of such warrant, escape from, or be out of the county, the sheriff or other officer to whom such warrant may be directed, may pursue and apprehend the party charged, in any county in this state, and for that purpose may command aid, and exercise the same authority as in his or her own county.
[ 2010 c 8 § 1033; Code 1881 § 1922; 1873 p 394 § 220; 1854 p 107 § 28; RRS § 1950.]

Terms Used In Washington Code 10.34.010

  • person: may be construed to include the United States, this state, or any state or territory, or any public or private corporation or limited liability company, as well as an individual. See Washington Code 1.16.080