§ 9.94.010 Prison riot — Penalty.
§ 9.94.030 Holding person hostage — Interference with officer’s duties.
§ 9.94.040 Weapons — Possession, etc., by prisoner prohibited — Penalty.
§ 9.94.041 Narcotic drugs, controlled substances, alcohol, marijuana, other intoxicant, cell phone, or other form of electronic telecommunications device — Possession, etc., by prisoners — Penalty.
§ 9.94.043 Deadly weapons — Possession on premises by person not a prisoner — Penalty.
§ 9.94.045 Narcotic drugs or controlled substances — Possession by person not a prisoner — Penalty.
§ 9.94.047 Posting of perimeter of premises of institutions covered by RCW 9.94.040 through 9.94.049.
§ 9.94.049 “Correctional institution” and “state correctional institution” defined.
§ 9.94.050 Correctional employees.
§ 9.94.070 Persistent prison misbehavior.

Terms Used In Washington Code > Chapter 9.94

  • Arrest: Taking physical custody of a person by lawful authority.
  • Conviction: A judgement of guilt against a criminal defendant.
  • Felony: A crime carrying a penalty of more than a year in prison.
  • person: may be construed to include the United States, this state, or any state or territory, or any public or private corporation or limited liability company, as well as an individual. See Washington Code 1.16.080
  • Real property: Land, and all immovable fixtures erected on, growing on, or affixed to the land.
  • Remainder: An interest in property that takes effect in the future at a specified time or after the occurrence of some event, such as the death of a life tenant.