Terms Used In Wisconsin Statutes 63.14

   (1)    Except as provided otherwise by s. 63.08 (1) (f), no factor or influence other than the fitness of a person to perform the duties of the position in which the person is acting or employed, or to which the person is seeking appointment, shall affect the determination of appointments, promotions, transfers, suspensions or discharges with respect to any position within the scope of ss. 63.01 to 63.16.
   (2)   The following practices are especially forbidden in any county wherein ss. 63.01 to 63.16 are applicable: Pernicious political activity by any county officer or employee in the classified service; the giving of any consideration, whether financial or otherwise, in return for appointment to a position in the service of said county; the obstruction or deceiving of any person desiring to take an examination under the provisions of said sections, or desiring to secure information concerning any such examination; the deliberate mismarking or miscalculation of grades of any applicant taking an examination under said sections; the impersonation by any person of any other person in connection with the holding of any examination under said sections; and the giving to or receiving by candidates for examination information or assistance enabling such candidates to obtain an unfair or improper advantage over other candidates for the same examination.
   (3)   No county specified in s. 63.01 or any department, officer or employee thereof shall hire or employ a person, subject to civil service in such county, at a wage or salary less than that advertised by the civil service commission of such county for the position to be filled, nor shall such county, department, officer or employee pay, or cause to be paid, salaries or wages of different amounts to persons in the same classification and stage of advancement, unless such difference in salaries or wages shall be based on difference of work performed or the time of day or night of performance of work; provided that where there has been a general reclassification of title and compensation of positions the county board is authorized to provide by ordinance that persons having civil service tenure at the effective date of such reclassification and occupying positions which have been reclassified, so as to result in a decrease in compensation, may continue to serve under the position title as it existed prior to such reclassification and receive the compensation thereof according to the former range during their tenure, and in the event that such general reclassification shall result in a position being reclassified to a higher grade, and the present incumbent of such position shall not have or by examination attain eligibility for certification to such higher grade, the incumbent shall retain the status and compensation of the position during the incumbent’s tenure of the position in conformity with civil service.
   (4)   The county board of any county specified in s. 63.01 is authorized to provide by ordinance the establishment of wage or salary differentials to collect shift differentials within one classification based upon the time of day or night of the performance of work.