Terms Used In Wisconsin Statutes 64.28

   (1)    At the election held, as provided by law, upon the first Tuesday in April next succeeding the adoption of the provisions of ss. 64.25 to 64.40, there shall be elected a council consisting of a mayor and 2 other members. Any person possessing all the qualifications of an elector in such city other than the qualification of residence therein shall be eligible to election as mayor or other member of the council, but no person who holds a license for the sale of intoxicating liquors shall be eligible to any such office. Both the mayor and the council members shall be nominated and elected by the voters of the city at large.
   (2)   The term of mayor shall be 6 years, and the terms of the other members of the council elected at the first election after the adoption of ss. 64.25 to 64.40, shall be 2 and 4 years, respectively, and each term shall begin on the third Tuesday of April next succeeding the election. At the first meeting of the council after such election, the other 2 members of the council shall by lot determine who shall hold the long and who the short term. At the expiration of their respective terms, successors shall be elected whose terms of office shall be 6 years.
   (3)   In all cities of 15,000 or more population, the mayor and other members of the council, except council members elected pursuant to s. 64.39, shall devote their entire time to the performance of their official duties.