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Alabama Code > Title 35 - Property

Alabama Code > Title 35 - Property

Current as of: 2010
Chapter 1General Provisions
Chapter 2Surveys
Chapter 3Boundaries
Chapter 4Conveyances And Creation Of Estates
Chapter 5AUniform Transfers To Minors Act
Chapter 6Partition
Chapter 7Partition Fences
Chapter 8Condominium Ownership
Chapter 8AAlabama Uniform Condominium Act
Chapter 8BCommunity Development Districts
Chapter 9Landlord And Tenant
Chapter 9AUniform Residential Landlord And Tenant Act
Chapter 10Mortgages
Chapter 10AAsset-Backed Securities Facilitation Act
Chapter 11Liens
Chapter 12Lost Or Unclaimed Property
Chapter 12AAbandoned Manufactured Dwellings
Chapter 13Salvage
Chapter 14Damages For Destruction, Injury Or Removal Of Trees
Chapter 15Duty Of Care Owed Persons On Premises For Sporting Or Recreational Purposes
Chapter 16Annuity And Mortality Tables
Chapter 18Conservation Easement
Chapter 19Alabama Unform Environmental Covenants Act


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