Article 16 Effect of Recodification of Title 32
Article 17 Interests in Property
Article 17.5 Uniform Disclaimer of Property Interests Act
Article 18 Interests of Creditors in Property
Article 19 Describing Real Property; Indiana Coordinate System
Article 20 Marketable Title for Real Property
Article 21 Conveyance Procedures for Real Property
Article 22 Conveyance Limitations of Real Property
Article 23 Conveyance of Property Interests Less Than Fee Simple
Article 24 Eminent Domain
Article 25 Condominiums
Article 25.5 Homeowners Associations
Article 26 Fences
Article 27 Construction Warranties On Real Property
Article 28 Liens On Real Property
Article 29 Mortgages
Article 30 Causes of Action Concerning Real Property
Article 31 Landlord-Tenant Relations
Article 32 Time Shares and Camping Clubs
Article 32.5 Campgrounds
Article 33 Liens On Personal Property
Article 34 Lost or Unclaimed Personal Property
Article 35 Causes of Action Concerning Personal Property
Article 36 Publicity
Article 37 Copyright
Article 38 Title Insurance and Transfers to Certain Trusts
Article 39 Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act