Chapter 1 Estates in Property
Chapter 2 Power to Own and Convey Property
Chapter 3 Fraudulent Conveyances and Devises
Chapter 4 Contracts to Convey Real Property
Chapter 5 Conveyances of Property
Chapter 6 Tennessee Coordinate System
Chapter 7 Leases
Chapter 8 Redemption of Real Estate Sold for Debt
Chapter 9 Easements and Restrictive Covenants
Chapter 10 Vendor’s Liens
Chapter 11 Mechanics’ and Materialmen’s Liens
Chapter 12 Crop Liens
Chapter 13 Employees’ Lien
Chapter 14 Artisans’ Lien
Chapter 15 Manufacturers’ and Processors’ Liens
Chapter 16 Launderers’, Cleaners’ and Storage Liens
Chapter 17 Innkeeper’s Lien
Chapter 18 Molders’ lien
Chapter 19 Liens on Vehicles and Conveyances
Chapter 20 Liens on Animals
Chapter 21 Recording and Enforcement of Liens
Chapter 22 Acknowledgment of Instruments
Chapter 23 Authentication of Instruments by Witnesses
Chapter 24 Registration of Instruments
Chapter 25 Release of Liens Created by Written Instruments
Chapter 26 Effect of Authentication and Registration
Chapter 27 Horizontal Property
Chapter 28 Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act
Chapter 29 Abandoned or Unclaimed Property
Chapter 30 Residential Ground Rent Act
Chapter 31 Self-service Storage Facility Act
Chapter 32 Time-Share Programs and Vacation Clubs
Chapter 33 Stratified Fee Estate [Repealed]
Chapter 34 Prompt Pay Act
Chapter 35 Rent Control
Chapter 36 Construction Defects