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New Mexico Statutes Chapter 45 > Article 2 - Intestate Succession and Wills

New Mexico Statutes > Chapter 45 > Article 2 - Intestate Succession and Wills

Current as of: 2010
§ 45-2-101Intestate estate
§ 45-2-102Share of the spouse
§ 45-2-103Share of heirs other than surviving spouse
§ 45-2-104Requirement that heir survive decedent by one hundred twenty hours
§ 45-2-105No taker
§ 45-2-106Representation
§ 45-2-107Kindred of half blood
§ 45-2-108After-born heirs
§ 45-2-109Advancements
§ 45-2-110Debts to decedent
§ 45-2-111Alienage
§ 45-2-112Dower and curtesy abolished
§ 45-2-113Individuals related to decedent through two lines
§ 45-2-114Parent and child relationship
§ 45-2-301Entitlement of spouse; premarital will
§ 45-2-302Omitted children
§ 45-2-401Applicable law
§ 45-2-402Family allowance
§ 45-2-403Personal property allowance
§ 45-2-404Reserved
§ 45-2-405Source, determination and documentation
§ 45-2-406Modification of exemptions
§ 45-2-407Waiver of rights
§ 45-2-501Who may make will
§ 45-2-502Execution; witnessed wills
§ 45-2-503Reserved
§ 45-2-504Self-proved will
§ 45-2-505Who may witness
§ 45-2-506Choice of law as to execution
§ 45-2-507Revocation by writing or by act
§ 45-2-508Revocation by change of circumstances
§ 45-2-509Revival of revoked will
§ 45-2-510Incorporation by reference
§ 45-2-511Testamentary additions to trust
§ 45-2-512Events of independent significance
§ 45-2-513Separate writing identifying devise of certain types of tangible personal property
§ 45-2-514Contracts concerning succession
§ 45-2-515Deposit of will with court in testator's lifetime
§ 45-2-516Duty of custodian of will; liability
§ 45-2-517Penalty clause for contest
§ 45-2-601Scope
§ 45-2-602Will may pass all property and after-acquired property
§ 45-2-603Antilapse; deceased devisee; class gifts
§ 45-2-604Failure of testamentary provision
§ 45-2-605Increase in securities; accessions
§ 45-2-606Nonademption of specific devises; unpaid proceeds of sale, condemnation or insurance; sale by conservator or agent
§ 45-2-607Nonexoneration
§ 45-2-608Exercise of power of appointment
§ 45-2-609Ademption by satisfaction
§ 45-2-701Scope
§ 45-2-702Requirement of survival by one hundred twenty hours
§ 45-2-703Choice of law as to meaning and effect of governing instrument
§ 45-2-704Power of appointment; meaning of specific reference requirement
§ 45-2-705Class gifts construed to accord with intestate succession
§ 45-2-706Life insurance; retirement plan; account with POD designation; transfer-on-death registration; deceased beneficiary
§ 45-2-707Survivorship with respect to future interests under terms of trust; substitute takers
§ 45-2-708Class gifts to descendants, issue or heirs of the body; form of distribution if none specified
§ 45-2-709Representation; per capita at each generation; per stirpes
§ 45-2-710Worthier-title doctrine abolished
§ 45-2-711Future interests in heirs and like
§ 45-2-802Effect of divorce, annulment and decree of separation
§ 45-2-803Effect of homicide on intestate succession, wills, trusts, joint assets, life insurance and beneficiary designations
§ 45-2-804Revocation of probate and nonprobate transfers by divorce; no revocation by other changes of circumstances
§ 45-2-805Death of spouse; community property
§ 45-2-806Validity and effect of will executed by a wife prior to July 1, 1973
§ 45-2-901Statutory rule against perpetuities
§ 45-2-902Nonvested property interest or power of appointment created
§ 45-2-903Reformation
§ 45-2-904Exclusions
§ 45-2-905Prospective application
§ 45-2-906Supersession
§ 45-2-907Honorary trusts; trusts for pets
§ 45-2-1001Definitions
§ 45-2-1002International will; validity
§ 45-2-1003International will; requirements
§ 45-2-1004International will; other points of form
§ 45-2-1005International will; certificate
§ 45-2-1006International will; effect of certificate
§ 45-2-1007International will; revocation
§ 45-2-1008Source and construction
§ 45-2-1009Persons authorized to act in relation to international will; eligibility; recognition by authorizing agency
§ 45-2-1010International will; information registration


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