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North Dakota Code > Title 12.1 - Criminal Code

North Dakota Code > Title 12.1 - Criminal Code

Current as of: 2009
Chapter 12.1-01Application - Purposes - Proof - Definitions
Chapter 12.1-02Liability and Culpability
Chapter 12.1-03Accomplices - Corporations - Agents
Chapter 12.1-04Juveniles - Intoxication - Defenses
Chapter 12.1-04.1Criminal Responsibility and Post-Trial Responsibility Act
Chapter 12.1-05Justification - Excuse - Affirmative Defenses
Chapter 12.1-06Criminal Attempt - Facilitation - Solicitation - Conspiracy
Chapter 12.1-06.1Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations
Chapter 12.1-06.2Criminal Street Gangs
Chapter 12.1-07Treason - Flag Desecration
Chapter 12.1-08Obstruction of Law Enforcement - Escape
Chapter 12.1-09Tampering and Unlawful Influence
Chapter 12.1-10Contempt - Obstruction of Judicial Proceedings
Chapter 12.1-11Perjury - Falsification - Breach of Duty
Chapter 12.1-12Bribery - Unlawful Influence of Public Servants
Chapter 12.1-13Confidential Information - Conflict of Interest - Impersonation
Chapter 12.1-14Official Oppression - Elections - Civil Rights
Chapter 12.1-15Defamation - Interception of Communications
Chapter 12.1-16Homicide
Chapter 12.1-17Assaults - Threats - Coercion - Harassment
Chapter 12.1-17.1Offenses Against Unborn Children
Chapter 12.1-18Kidnapping
Chapter 12.1-20Sex Offenses
Chapter 12.1-21Damaging Property or Public Services
Chapter 12.1-21.1Animal Research Facility Damage
Chapter 12.1-22Robbery - Breaking and Entering Offenses
Chapter 12.1-23Theft and Related Offenses
Chapter 12.1-23.1Theft of Cable Television
Chapter 12.1-24Forgery and Counterfeiting
Chapter 12.1-25Riot
Chapter 12.1-27.1Obscenity Control
Chapter 12.1-27.2Sexual Performances by Children
Chapter 12.1-28Gambling and Related Offenses
Chapter 12.1-29Prostitution
Chapter 12.1-30Sunday Closing Law
Chapter 12.1-31Miscellaneous Offenses
Chapter 12.1-31.2Disorderly Conduct Restraining Order
Chapter 12.1-32Penalties and Sentencing
Chapter 12.1-33Rights of Convicts
Chapter 12.1-34Fair Treatment of Victims and Witnesses
Chapter 12.1-35Child Victim and Witness Fair Treatment Standards
Chapter 12.1-36Female Genital Mutilation
Chapter 12.1-37Child Support Nonpayment
Chapter 12.1-38Assumption of Risk in Crimes
Chapter 12.1-39Human Cloning
Chapter 12.1-40Human Trafficking


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