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North Dakota Code > Chapter 12.1-17 - Assaults - Threats - Coercion - Harassment

North Dakota Code > Title 12.1 > Chapter 12.1-17 - Assaults - Threats - Coercion - Harassment

Current as of: 2009
§ 12.1-17-01Simple assault
§ 12.1-17-01.1Assault
§ 12.1-17-02Aggravated assault
§ 12.1-17-03Reckless endangerment
§ 12.1-17-04Terrorizing
§ 12.1-17-05Menacing
§ 12.1-17-06Criminal coercion
§ 12.1-17-07Harassment
§ 12.1-17-07.1Stalking
§ 12.1-17-08Consent as a defense
§ 12.1-17-09Killing or injury of law enforcement support animal - Definition - Penalty
§ 12.1-17-10Hazing - Penalty
§ 12.1-17-11Contact by bodily fluids or excrement
§ 12.1-17-12Assault or homicide while fleeing peace officer
§ 12.1-17-13Mandated treatment of domestic violence offenders


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North Dakota Code > Chapter 12.1-17 - Assaults - Threats - Coercion - Harassment
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