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Wisconsin Statutes 852.01 - Basic rules for intestate succession

Wisconsin Statutes > Chapter 852 > 852.01

Current as of: 2013

   (1)    Who are heirs. Except as modified by the decedent's will under s. 852.10 (1), any part of the net estate of a decedent that is not disposed of by will passes to the decedent's surviving heirs as follows:

     (a)    To the spouse or domestic partner:

        1.    If there are no surviving issue of the decedent, or if the surviving issue are all issue of the surviving spouse or surviving domestic partner and the decedent, the entire estate.

        2.    If there are surviving issue one or more of whom are not issue of the surviving spouse or surviving domestic partner, one-half of decedent's property other than the following property:

           a.    The decedent's interest in marital property.

           b.    The decedent's interest in property held equally and exclusively with the surviving spouse or surviving domestic partner as tenants in common.

     (b)    To the issue, per stirpes, the share of the estate not passing to the spouse or surviving domestic partner, under par. (a), or the entire estate if there is no surviving spouse or surviving domestic partner.

     (c)    If there is no surviving spouse, surviving domestic partner, or issue, to the parents.

     (d)    If there is no surviving spouse, surviving domestic partner, issue, or parent, to the brothers and sisters and the issue of any deceased brother or sister per stirpes.

     (f)    If there is no surviving spouse, surviving domestic partner, issue, parent, or issue of a parent, to the grandparents and their issue as follows:

        1.    One-half to the maternal grandparents equally if both survive, or to the surviving maternal grandparent; if both maternal grandparents are deceased, to the issue of the maternal grandparents or either of them, per stirpes.

        2.    One-half to the paternal relations in the same manner as to the maternal relations under subd. 1.

        3.    If either the maternal side or the paternal side has no surviving grandparent or issue of a grandparent, the entire estate to the decedent's relatives on the other side.

   (2)   Survivorship requirement. Survivorship under sub. (1) is determined as provided in s. 854.03.

   (2m)   Heir who kills decedent. If a person under sub. (1) killed the decedent, the inheritance rights of that person are governed by s. 854.14.

   (3)   Escheat. If there are no heirs of the decedent under subs. (1) and (2), the net estate escheats to the state to be added to the capital of the school fund.

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May 18, 2013

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