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Wisconsin Statutes > Chapter 171 - Unclaimed property

Wisconsin Statutes > Chapter 171

Current as of: 2013
Subchapter IProperty In Possession Of A Consignee Or Bailee
Subchapter IIProperty In Possession Of A Museum Or Archives



Questions & Answers: Lost/Abandoned/Unclaimed personal property

When a person wants to claim funds, do they have to appear in court to obtain the copies needed for the Attorney General's Office....
>I have a situation. My ex fiancé and I broke up almost 2 years ago. When his father pAssed away he received thousands of 45 records. And albums. Before we broke up my sister an...
In New Hampshire, if a private road transfers to heirs as part of an estate, can the heirs abandon or escheat it to the state if that road is the only access other parties have to ...
If i`m not mistaken anyone who leave their personal property on your land after 6 months it becomes yours if i`m not mistaken, look up the law first...
I am in a law suit with a man whom I never married..i left my house due to physical and verbal abuse 17 years I am in court trying to get him out of my house..i was told i Left ove...
I live in Alabama...I have an old building that (over the years) random people have asked to store items in...I am about to restore this old building and I am asking that these ind...

U.S. Code Provisions: Lost/Abandoned/Unclaimed personal property

U.S. Code Title 12 > Chapter 2 > Subchapter XVII - Disposition Of Unclaimed Property Recovered From Closed National Banks
U.S. Code > Title 12 > Chapter 26 - Disposition Of Abandoned Money Orders And Traveler's Checks

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