(a) The Library will charge no fees for:

(1) Access to or copies of records under the provisions of this part when the direct search and reproduction costs are less than $10.

(2) Records requested which are not found or which are determined to be exempt under the provisions of this part.

(3) Staff time spent in resolving any legal or policy questions pertaining to a request.

(4) Copies of records, including those certified as true copies, that are furnished for official use to any officer or employee of the federal government.

(5) Copies of pertinent records furnished to a party having a direct and immediate interest in a matter pending before the Library, when furnishing such copies is necessary or desirable to the performance of a Library function.

(b) When the costs for services are $10 or more, the Chief, OSS, shall assess and collect the fees and charges set out in appendix A to this part for the direct costs of search and reproduction of records available to the public.

(c) The Chief, OSS, is authorized to waive fees and charges, in whole or in part, where it is determined that the public interest is best served to do so, because waiver is likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of the operations or activities of the government and is not primarily in the commercial interest of the requester. Persons seeking a waiver or reduction of fees may be required to submit a written statement setting forth the intended purpose for which the records are requested or otherwise indicate how disclosure will primarily benefit the public and, in appropriate cases, explain why the volume of records requested is necessary. Determinations made pursuant to the authority set out herein are solely within the discretion of the Chief, OSS.

(d) Fees and charges for services identified in the appendix to this part shall be paid in full by the requester before the records are delivered. Payment shall be made in U.S. funds by personal check, money order, or bank draft made payable to the Library of Congress. The Chief, OSS, shall remit all fees collected to the Director, Financial Services, who shall cause the same to be credited to appropriate accounts or deposited with the U.S. Treasury as miscellaneous receipts.

(e) The Chief, OSS, shall notify a requester and may require an advance deposit where the anticipated fees will exceed $50.