Subpart A General Provisions
Subpart B Eligibility, Election, and Enrollment
Subpart C Benefits and Beneficiary Protections
Subpart D Quality Improvement
Subpart E Relationships With Providers
Subpart F Submission of Bids, Premiums, and Related Information and Plan Approval
Subpart G Payments to Medicare Advantage Organizations
Subpart H Provider-sponsored Organizations
Subpart I Organization Compliance With State Law and Preemption by Federal Law
Subpart J Special Rules for Ma Regional Plans
Subpart K Application Procedures and Contracts for Medicare Advantage Organizations
Subpart L Effect of Change of Ownership or Leasing of Facilities During Term of Contract
Subpart M Grievances, Organization Determinations and Appeals
Subpart N Medicare Contract Determinations and Appeals
Subpart O Intermediate Sanctions
Subpart T Appeal Procedures for Civil Money Penalties
Subpart V Medicare Advantage Marketing Requirements
Subpart X Requirements for a Minimum Medical Loss Ratio
Subpart Z Part C Recovery Audit Contractor Appeals Process