As used in this part:

(1) Community referral services

Terms Used In 42 USC 12332

  • officer: includes any person authorized by law to perform the duties of the office. See 19 USC 2291
  • State: includes the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. See 47 USC 313

The term “community referral services” means services to assist families in obtaining community resources, including health care, mental health care, employability development and job training, and other social services.

(2) Core services

The term “core services” means–

(A) educational and support services provided to assist parents in acquiring parenting skills, learning about child development, and responding appropriately to the behavior of their children; and

(B) the early developmental screening of children to assess any needs of such children and to identify specific types of support that may be provided;

(C) outreach services;

(D) community referral services; and

(E) follow up services.

(3) Follow up services

The term “follow up services” means services provided to ensure that necessary services are received by families and are effective in meeting their needs.

(4) Independent State body

The term “independent State body” means the entity established under section 12336 of this title.

(5) Lead agency

The term “lead agency” means an existing State agency, or other public or nonprofit private entity designated by the chief executive officer of the State as the agency responsible for the development and implementation of local family resource and support programs. Such agency shall have demonstrated ability to work with other State and community based agencies, to provide training and technical assistance, and shall also have a commitment to parental participation in the design and administration of family resource and support programs.

(6) Other services

The term “other services” and “other support services” includes–

(A) child care, early childhood development and intervention programs;

(B) employability development services (including skill training);

(C) educational services, such as scholastic tutoring, literacy training, and General Educational Degree (GED) services;

(D) nutritional education;

(E) life management skills training;

(F) peer counseling and crisis intervention, family violence counseling and referrals for such services;

(G) referral for substance abuse counseling and treatment referral; and

(H) referral for primary health and mental health services.

(7) Outreach services

The term “outreach services” means services provided to ensure (through home visits or other methods) that parents are aware of and able to participate in family resource and support program activities.