On and after May 10, 1939 all necessary expenses in connection with the management and operation of projects transferred to the Authority by Executive Order Numbered 7732 of October 27, 1937, as modified by Executive Order Numbered 7839 of March 12, 1938, may be considered as nonadministrative expenses, notwithstanding the provisions of section 712a of title 15, and be paid from the rents received from each transferred project.

Terms Used In 42 USC 1406a

  • operation: means any or all undertakings appropriate for management, operation, services, maintenance, security (including the cost of security personnel), or financing in connection with a low-income housing project. See 42 USC 1437a
  • project: means (A) housing developed, acquired, or assisted by a public housing agency under this chapter, and (B) the improvement of any such housing. See 42 USC 1437a