§ 660.010 Department of social services created — divisions and agencies assigned to ..
§ 660.012 Department of social services administrative trust fund created — ..
§ 660.015 Salary — expenses of the department
§ 660.017 Rules, procedure
§ 660.023 In-home services providers, telephone tracking system required, use of — ..
§ 660.025 Grants from department of social services, purposes — rulemaking procedure
§ 660.026 Funding for federally qualified health centers, uses — report to the director
§ 660.075 Intermediate care facility for intellectually disabled — certificate of ..
§ 660.099 General assembly may make additional appropriations, purposes
§ 660.100 Financial assistance for heating — definitions
§ 660.105 Eligibility for assistance — income defined
§ 660.110 Coordination and administration of heating and cooling assistance programs ..
§ 660.115 Utilicare payment, procedure
§ 660.122 Services disconnected or discontinued for failure to pay — eligibility for ..
§ 660.125 False claims
§ 660.130 Rules, regulations, forms — rule requirements
§ 660.135 Expenditures — utilicare stabilization fund
§ 660.136 Utilicare stabilization fund created — used for utilicare program
§ 660.137 Federal low income telephone assistance matching funds, compliance to obtain
§ 660.138 Definitions
§ 660.139 Waiver of interstate line charges for companies providing economy rates — ..
§ 660.141 Economy rates, how established, applications — limited to one residence
§ 660.143 Installation cost to be reduced, how determined — changes in service or ..
§ 660.145 Rules and regulations by commission — economy rate telephone service fund ..
§ 660.147 Eligible persons, department’s powers and duties
§ 660.149 Exemption from sales and use taxes — gross receipt tax, exemption or ..
§ 660.150 Plan to be established
§ 660.155 Grants may be made, to whom
§ 660.160 Department may define emergency situations
§ 660.165 Limitation on periods of emergency — when assistance to be granted
§ 660.170 Eligibility for assistance
§ 660.175 Department’s duties — no reduction in other benefits
§ 660.180 Director to make regulations
§ 660.185 Limitation on state participation — expiration of program
§ 660.190 Limitation on expenditures
§ 660.195 Plan to terminate, when
§ 660.200 Rules, procedure
§ 660.325 Definitions
§ 660.327 Withdrawal and deposits by persons applying or receiving public assistance ..
§ 660.330 Delinquent support obligations with unsatisfied judgment, information to be ..
§ 660.335 Requests by department for information, form — content
§ 660.340 Cost of record search
§ 660.343 Requested information to be provided, when — failure to provide, penalty — ..
§ 660.345 Immunity from civil liability for providing requested information
§ 660.350 Disclosure of information, penalty
§ 660.355 Application or receipt of public assistance to be deemed consent to request ..
§ 660.360 Welfare fraud telephone hot line, attorney general, duties
§ 660.370 Definitions
§ 660.372 Board of directors — number — qualifications — powers — duties
§ 660.374 Funding — agency’s share of funds, how determined — use of state revenue
§ 660.376 Rules and regulations — department of social services, authority
§ 660.512 Rulemaking under authority of chapter 210
§ 660.520 State technical assistance team for child sexual abuse cases, duties — ..
§ 660.523 Uniform rules for investigation of child sexual abuse cases — training ..
§ 660.525 Treatment for child sexual abuse victims provided by division, when
§ 660.526 Child sexual abuse cases, annual training required by children’s division
§ 660.528 Pilot project by department to formulate community response to child abuse ..
§ 660.620 Office of advocacy and assistance for senior citizens established in office ..
§ 660.625 Advocate to maintain confidentiality, exception
§ 660.650 Definitions
§ 660.653 Policy council or committee, members’ qualifications, duties
§ 660.657 Grantees, duties — health services advisory committee — promulgation of ..
§ 660.690 Protection against spousal impoverishment and premature placement in ..
§ 660.750 Liaisons for faith-based organizations to be designated, duties

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