As used in this chapter, the term–

(1) “bulk agricultural commodity” means any agricultural commodity that can be transported in bulk and can be temporarily stored in bulk quantities without undergoing processing or packaging. Such term also includes any commodity or product that is used by producers in the production of agricultural commodities and that can be stored or shipped in bulk, such as fertilizer and fuel;

(2) “unprocessed agricultural products” means food, fiber, and other agricultural products that have not been packaged or otherwise prepared for retail sale, including animal products and unfinished cotton, wool, leather, or any other unfinished natural material;

(3) “Secretary” means Secretary of Agriculture;

(4) “subterminal facility” means any facility that is located in the area of production or consumption of agricultural commodities or any major storage or major export point for such commodities and is located at a place that conveniently serves the needs of producers, purchasers, and consumers of bulk agricultural commodities, and is–

(A) used for the transient storage of bulk agricultural commodities and may include equipment or structures necessary for the transportation, upgrading, receiving, drying, or loading out of such commodities; or

(B) any rail siding, loading, or unloading facility that can accommodate unit railroad trains or multiple car trains and other appropriate transportation modes designed for the transport of bulk agricultural commodities and production materials; and

(5) “region” means two or more States acting together to develop a coordinated regional subterminal facilities plan.

Terms Used In 7 USC 3702

  • Secretary: means Secretary of Agriculture. See 7 USC 3702