Chapter 1 Collection Districts, Ports, and Officers
Chapter 1A Foreign Trade Zones
Chapter 3 The Tariff and Related Provisions
Chapter 4 Tariff Act of 1930
Chapter 5 Smuggling
Chapter 6 Trade Fair Program
Chapter 7 Trade Expansion Program
Chapter 8 Automotive Products
Chapter 9 Visual and Auditory Materials of Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Character
Chapter 10 Customs Service
Chapter 11 Importation of Pre-Columbian Monumental or Architectural Sculpture or Murals
Chapter 12 Trade Act of 1974
Chapter 13 Trade Agreements Act of 1979
Chapter 14 Convention On Cultural Property
Chapter 15 Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery
Chapter 16 Wine Trade
Chapter 17 Negotiation and Implementation of Trade Agreements
Chapter 18 Implementation of Harmonized Tariff Schedule
Chapter 19 Telecommunications Trade
Chapter 20 Andean Trade Preference
Chapter 21 North American Free Trade
Chapter 22 Uruguay Round Trade Agreements
Chapter 23 Extension of Certain Trade Benefits to Sub-Saharan Africa
Chapter 24 Bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority
Chapter 25 Clean Diamond Trade
Chapter 26 Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade
Chapter 27 Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability
Chapter 28 Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement
Chapter 29 United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Implementation