Chapter 31 Retail Excise Taxes
Chapter 32 Manufacturers Excise Taxes
Chapter 33 Facilities and Services
Chapter 34 Taxes On Certain Insurance Policies
Chapter 35 Taxes On Wagering
Chapter 36 Certain Other Excise Taxes
Chapter 38 Environmental Taxes
Chapter 39 Registration-required Obligations
Chapter 40 General Provisions Relating to Occupational Taxes
Chapter 41 Public Charities
Chapter 42 Private Foundations; and Certain Other Tax-exempt Organizations
Chapter 43 Qualified Pension, Etc., Plans
Chapter 44 Qualified Investment Entities
Chapter 45 Provisions Relating to Expatriated Entities
Chapter 46 Golden Parachute Payments
Chapter 47 Certain Group Health Plans
Chapter 48 Maintenance of Minimum Essential Coverage
Chapter 49 Cosmetic Services
Chapter 50 Foreign Procurement