§ 1001 Definitions
§ 1002 Lands subject to geothermal leasing
§ 1003 Leasing procedures
§ 1004 Rents and royalties
§ 1005 Lease term and work commitment requirements
§ 1006 Acreage limitations
§ 1007 Readjustment of lease terms and conditions
§ 1008 Byproducts
§ 1009 Relinquishment of geothermal rights
§ 1010 Suspension of operations and production
§ 1011 Termination of leases
§ 1012 Waiver, suspension, or reduction of rental or royalty
§ 1013 Surface land use
§ 1014 Lands subject to geothermal leasing
§ 1015 Requirement for lessees
§ 1016 Administration
§ 1017 Unit and communitization agreements
§ 1018 Data from Federal agencies
§ 1019 Disposal of moneys from sales, bonuses, rentals, and royalties
§ 1020 Publication in Federal Register; reservation of mineral rights
§ 1021 Federal exemption from State water laws
§ 1022 Prevention of waste; exclusivity
§ 1023 Rules and regulations
§ 1024 Inclusion of geothermal leasing under certain other laws
§ 1025 Federal reservation of certain mineral rights
§ 1026 Significant thermal features
§ 1027 Land subject to prohibition on leasing
§ 1028 Hot dry rock geothermal energy

Terms Used In U.S. Code > Title 30 > Chapter 23 - Geothermal Resources

  • association: when used in reference to a corporation, shall be deemed to embrace the words "successors and assigns of such company or association" in like manner as if these last-named words, or words of similar import, were expressed. See 1 USC 5
  • byproduct: means any mineral or minerals (exclusive of oil, hydrocarbon gas, and helium) which are found in solution or in association with geothermal steam and which have a value of less than 75 per centum of the value of the geothermal steam or are not, because of quantity, quality, or technical difficulties in extraction and production, of sufficient value to warrant extraction and production by themselves. See 30 USC 1001
  • Commission: means any of the Commissions of the Organization that are established by the Convention. See 16 USC 3601
  • Commissioner: means a United States Commissioner appointed under section 3602 of this title. See 16 USC 3601
  • Convention: means the Convention for the Conservation of Salmon in the North Atlantic Ocean, signed at Reykjavik, Iceland, on March 2, 1982. See 16 USC 3601
  • Council: means the Council established by the Convention. See 16 USC 3601
  • direct use: means utilization of geothermal resources for commercial, residential, agricultural, public facilities, or other energy needs other than the commercial production of electricity. See 30 USC 1001
  • geothermal lease: means a lease issued under authority of this chapter. See 30 USC 1001
  • geothermal resources: means (i) all products of geothermal processes, embracing indigenous steam, hot water and hot brines. See 30 USC 1001
  • Organization: means the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization established under the Convention. See 16 USC 3601
  • salmon: means all species of salmon which migrate in or into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean north of 36 degrees north latitude. See 16 USC 3601
  • Secretary: means the Secretary of Commerce. See 16 USC 3501
  • Secretary: means the Secretary of the Interior. See 30 USC 1001
  • State: means any of the fifty States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands. See
  • vessel: includes every description of watercraft or other artificial contrivance used, or capable of being used, as a means of transportation on water. See 1 USC 3