§ 16-47A-1 Body corporate; rights, duties, property, etc
§ 16-47A-2 Jurisdiction, supervision, and control of university
§ 16-47A-3 Programs, facilities, and services; mission and objectives of the university
§ 16-47A-4 Board of Trustees – Creation; composition
§ 16-47A-5 Board of Trustees – Powers and duties
§ 16-47A-6 Board of Trustees – Meetings
§ 16-47A-7 Board of Trustees – Quorum
§ 16-47A-8 Board of Trustees – Vacancies; appointments
§ 16-47A-9 Depositories for school funds; report of board transactions
§ 16-47A-10 Validity of grants or gifts; forfeiture of rights, privileges, etc
§ 16-47A-11 President of the university; rights of full-time employees
§ 16-47A-12 Police officers
§ 16-47A-13 References to Athens State University