§ 2-21-16 Short title
§ 2-21-17 Definitions
§ 2-21-18 Enforcing official
§ 2-21-19 Licensing
§ 2-21-20 Labeling
§ 2-21-21 Misbranding
§ 2-21-22 Adulteration
§ 2-21-23 Prohibited acts
§ 2-21-24 Inspection fee; quarterly statement; disposition of fees; overpayments
§ 2-21-25 Rules and regulations
§ 2-21-26 Inspection, sampling, and analysis
§ 2-21-27 Stop sale orders, seizure and condemnation
§ 2-21-28 Short weight
§ 2-21-29 Feed deficiency penalties
§ 2-21-30 Recovery of short weight and feed deficiency penalties
§ 2-21-31 Penalties for violations of chapter or rules and regulations; injunctive relief; warning notices
§ 2-21-32 Protection of trade secrets
§ 2-21-33 Cooperation with other entities
§ 2-21-34 Publication of certain information

Terms Used In Alabama Code > Title 2 > Chapter 21 - Commercial Feeds

  • association: A partnership, limited partnership, or any form of unincorporated enterprise owned by two or more persons. See Alabama Code 28-3-1
  • board: The State Board of Agriculture and Industries. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • board: The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. See Alabama Code 28-3-1
  • BRAND NAME: Any word, name, symbol or device, or any combination thereof, identifying the commercial feed of a distributor or licensee and distinguishing it from that of others. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • COMMERCIAL FEED: Such term includes customer-formula feed, as this term is used in this chapter, and means any material whether simple, mixed compound, ground, unground, organic or inorganic, used as a feed for animals other than man or any material including minerals, vitamins, antibiotics, anti-oxidants, medicines, drugs, chemicals and other substances, materials or elements, or parts thereof intended for use or used as an ingredient or component of a mixture of materials, used as a feed for animals other than man; provided, that the commissioner, with approval of the board and by regulation, may exempt from this definition or from specific provisions of this chapter, commodities such as unprocessed and unmixed whole seeds, hay, straw, stover, silage, cobs, husks, hulls and individual chemical compounds or substances when such commodities, compounds or substances are not intermixed or mixed with other materials and are not adulterated within the meaning of subdivision (1) of Section 2-21-22. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • container: Any bag, box, barrel, package, carton, object, apparatus, device, appliance or other container into which commercial feed is packed, stored or placed for handling and transporting. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • CONTRACT FEEDER: A person who, as an independent contractor, feeds commercial feed to animals pursuant to a contract whereby such commercial feed is supplied, furnished or otherwise provided to such person and whereby such person's remuneration is determined all or in part by feed consumption, mortality, profits or amount or quality of product. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • corporation: A corporation or joint stock association organized under the laws of this state, the United States, or any other state, territory or foreign country, or dependency. See Alabama Code 28-3-1
  • CUSTOMER-FORMULA FEED: Commercial feed which consists of a mixture of commercial feeds and/or feed ingredients, each batch of which is manufactured according to the specific instructions of the final purchaser. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • distribute: To offer for sale, sell, exchange or barter commercial feed; or to supply, furnish or otherwise provide commercial feed to a contract feeder. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • distributor: Any person who distributes. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • drug: Any substance intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease in animals other than man and substances other than feed intended to affect the structure or any function of the animal body. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • FEED INGREDIENT: Each of the constituent materials making up a commercial feed. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • Guarantor: A party who agrees to be responsible for the payment of another party's debts should that party default. Source: OCC
  • label: A display of written, printed or graphic matter upon or affixed to the container in which a commercial feed is distributed, or on the invoice or delivery slip with which a commercial feed is distributed. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • labeling: All labels and other written, printed or graphic matter

    a. See Alabama Code 2-21-17

  • liquor: Any alcoholic, spirituous, vinous, fermented, or other alcoholic beverage, or combination of liquors and mixed liquor, a part of which is spirituous, fermented, vinous or otherwise alcoholic, and all drinks or drinkable liquids, preparations or mixtures intended for beverage purposes, which contain one-half of one percent or more of alcohol by volume, except beer and table wine. See Alabama Code 28-3-1
  • manufacture: To grind, mix or blend, or further process, a commercial feed for distribution. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • manufacturer: Any person, association, or corporation engaged in the producing, bottling, manufacturing, distilling, rectifying, or compounding of alcoholic beverages, liquor, beer, or wine in this state or for sale or distribution in this state or to the board or to a licensee of the board. See Alabama Code 28-3-1
  • MINERAL FEED: A commercial feed intended to supply primarily mineral elements or inorganic nutrients. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • OFFICIAL SAMPLE: A sample of feed taken by the commissioner or his agent in accordance with Section 2-21-26. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • PERMITTED ANALYTICAL VARIATION: Allowances for the inherent variability in sampling and in laboratory analyses of guaranteed components, as published by the Association of American Feed Control Officials from time to time in its official publication. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • person: Such term includes individual, partnership, corporation, cooperatives and associations. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • person: Every natural person, association, or corporation. See Alabama Code 28-3-1
  • pet: Any domesticated animal normally maintained in or near the household of the owner thereof. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • PET FOOD: Any commercial feed prepared and distributed for consumption by pets. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • population: The population according to the last preceding or any subsequent decennial census of the United States, except where a municipality is incorporated subsequent to the last census, in which event, its population until the next decennial census shall be the population of the municipality as determined by the judge of probate of the county as the official population on the date of its incorporation. See Alabama Code 28-3-1
  • PRODUCT NAME: The name of the commercial feed which identifies it as to kind, class or specific use. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • retailer: Any person licensed by the board to engage in the retail sale of any alcoholic beverages to the consumer. See Alabama Code 28-3-1
  • SPECIALTY PET: Any domesticated animal pet normally maintained in a cage or tank, such as, but not limited to, gerbils, hamsters, canaries, psittacine birds, mynahs, finches, tropical fish, goldfish, snakes and turtles. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • SPECIALTY PET FOOD: Any commercial feed prepared and distributed for consumption by specialty pets. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • TABLE WINE: Except as otherwise provided in this subdivision, any wine containing not more than 24 percent alcohol by volume. See Alabama Code 28-3-1
  • ton: A net weight of two thousand pounds avoirdupois. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • VERTICAL-INTEGRATOR FEED: A commercial feed manufactured for feeding livestock, poultry or aquatic animals that are owned by the person manufacturing the feed or that are owned by subsidiaries, parents or other business entities associated with the manufacturer through common ownership. See Alabama Code 2-21-17
  • wholesaler: Any person licensed by the board to engage in the sale and distribution of table wine and beer, or either of them, within this state, at wholesale only, to be sold by export or to retail licensees or other wholesale licensees or others within this state lawfully authorized to sell table wine and beer, or either of them, for the purpose of resale only. See Alabama Code 28-3-1
  • wine: All beverages made from the fermentation of fruits, berries, or grapes, with or without added spirits, and produced in accordance with the laws and regulations of the United States, containing not more than 24 percent alcohol by volume, and shall include all sparkling wines, carbonated wines, special natural wines, rectified wines, vermouths, vinous beverages, vinous liquors, and like products, including restored or unrestored pure condensed juice. See Alabama Code 28-3-1