13.52.010 Advance health care directives
13.52.020 Revocation of advance health care directive
13.52.025 Rescission of withdrawal by agent
13.52.030 Surrogates
13.52.040 Decisions by guardian
13.52.045 Withholding or withdrawing of life-sustaining procedures
13.52.050 Decisions for exceptional procedures
13.52.055 Pregnancy
13.52.060 Obligations of health care providers, institutions, and facilities
13.52.065 Do not resuscitate protocol and identification requirements
13.52.070 Health care information
13.52.080 Immunities
13.52.090 Statutory damages
13.52.100 Capacity
13.52.110 Status of copy
13.52.120 Effect of this chapter
13.52.130 Prohibited requirements
13.52.135 Discriminatory treatment prohibited
13.52.140 Judicial relief
13.52.150 Do not resuscitate orders and identification of other jurisdictions
13.52.160 Determination of qualifying condition
13.52.173 Who may make anatomical gift before donor’s death
13.52.177 Manner of making anatomical gift before donor’s death
13.52.183 Amending or revoking anatomical gift before donor’s death
13.52.187 Refusal to make anatomical gift; effect of refusal
13.52.193 Preclusive effect of anatomical gift, amendment, or revocation
13.52.197 Who may make anatomical gift of decedent’s body or part
13.52.203 Manner of making, amending, or revoking anatomical gift of decedent’s body or part
13.52.207 Persons who may receive anatomical gift; purpose of anatomical gift
13.52.213 Search and notification
13.52.217 Delivery of document of gift not required; right to examine
13.52.223 Rights and duties of procurement organization and others
13.52.227 Coordination of procurement and use
13.52.233 Sale or purchase of parts prohibited; charges allowed
13.52.243 Immunity
13.52.247 Law governing validity; choice of law as to execution of document of gift; presumption of validity
13.52.253 Effect of anatomical gift on advance health care directive
13.52.255 Cooperation between coroner, state medical examiner, and procurement organization
13.52.257 Facilitation of anatomical gift from decedent whose body is under jurisdiction of coroner or state medical examiner
13.52.263 Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act
13.52.267 Uniformity of application and construction
13.52.268 Definitions for AS 13.52.173 – 13.52.268
13.52.275 Construction where mental illness
13.52.290 Severability
13.52.300 Optional form
13.52.390 Definitions
13.52.395 Short title