28.15.011 Drivers must be licensed
28.15.021 Persons exempt from driver licensing
28.15.031 Persons not to be licensed
28.15.046 Licensing of school bus drivers
28.15.051 Instruction permits, temporary drivers’ licenses, and special drivers’ permits and licenses
28.15.055 Provisional driver’s license
28.15.057 Restrictions on driver’s license issued to a person under 18
28.15.071 Application of minors
28.15.081 Examination of applicants
28.15.085 Alcohol and drug awareness and safety examination of applicants
28.15.091 Department may require re-examination
28.15.099 Expiration and renewal of license issued to person under 21 years of age
28.15.101 Expiration and renewal of driver’s license
28.15.111 Licenses issued to drivers; anatomical gift and living will document
28.15.121 Restricted driver’s license
28.15.131 License to be carried and exhibited on demand
28.15.141 Duplicate driver’s license