28.15.161 Cancellation of driver’s license
28.15.165 Administrative revocations and disqualifications resulting from chemical sobriety tests and refusals to submit to tests
28.15.171 Suspending privileges of a person licensed in another jurisdiction; reporting convictions, suspensions, disqualifications, and revocations
28.15.182 Court revocation of license for accident causing death
28.15.183 Administrative revocation of license to drive
28.15.184 Administrative review of revocation of a minor’s license
28.15.187 Administrative revocation of a license to drive for use of false identification
28.15.189 Administrative review of revocation of license for use of false identification
28.15.191 Court and parole board reports to department; surrender of license or identification card
28.15.201 Limitation of driver’s license
28.15.211 Periods of limitation, suspension, revocation, or disqualification; opportunity for hearing and surrender of license
28.15.219 Definitions