A. The taxes levied pursuant to this article are conclusively presumed to be direct taxes on the consumer but shall be precollected and remitted to the department by the distributor for purposes of convenience and facility only. The taxes that the distributor precollects and pays to the department:

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 42-3303

  • Consumer: means a person in this state that comes into possession of any luxury subject to the tax imposed by this chapter and that, on coming into possession of the luxury, is not a distributor intending to sell or distribute the luxury, retailer or wholesaler. See Arizona Laws 42-3001
  • Department: means the department of revenue. See Arizona Laws 42-1001
  • Distributor: means any person that manufactures, produces, ships, transports or imports into this state or in any manner acquires or possesses for the purpose of making the first sale of the following:

    (a) Cigarettes without Arizona tax stamps affixed as required by this article. See Arizona Laws 42-3001

  • Smoking tobacco: means any tobacco that, because of its appearance, type, packaging, labeling or promotion, is suitable for use and likely to be offered to or purchased by consumers as tobacco for making cigarettes or otherwise consumed by burning. See Arizona Laws 42-3001

1. Are considered to be an advance payment.

2. Shall be added to the price of the cigarettes, cigars, smoking tobacco, plug tobacco, snuff and other forms of tobacco.

3. Shall be recovered from the consumer.

B. For the purpose of the precollection and remittance of the tax imposed by this article, the distributor shall obtain and affix revenue stamps pursuant to article 11 of this chapter.