Article 1 General Provisions 12-2701 – 12-2704

Terms Used In Arizona Laws > Title 12 > Chapter 18

  • Articles of incorporation: means the original or restated articles of incorporation or articles of merger and all amendments to the articles of incorporation or merger and includes amended and restated articles of incorporation and articles of amendment and merger. See Arizona Laws 10-140
  • Bylaws: means the code of rules adopted for the regulation or management of the affairs of the corporation irrespective of the name by which those rules are designated. See Arizona Laws 10-140
  • Court: means the superior court of this state. See Arizona Laws 10-140
  • Department: means the Arizona department of agriculture. See Arizona Laws 3-101
  • Disqualified person: means an individual or entity that is not or ceases to be a qualified person. See Arizona Laws 10-2201
  • disqualified shareholder: means a shareholder described in subsection 10-2223, subsection A, paragraph 1 or 2 or the legal representative of that shareholder. See Arizona Laws 10-2228
  • Employee: includes an officer but not a director. See Arizona Laws 10-140
  • Felony: A crime carrying a penalty of more than a year in prison.
  • Foreign professional corporation: means a corporation or association for profit incorporated for the purpose of rendering professional services under a law other than the law of this state. See Arizona Laws 10-2201
  • Immigration or naturalization matter: includes all matters implicating any law, action, filing or proceeding related to a person's immigration or citizenship status in the United States. See Arizona Laws 12-2701
  • Individual: includes the estate of an incompetent or deceased individual. See Arizona Laws 10-140
  • licensed: means any license, authorization, certificate, registration, certificate of registration, membership or other evidence of the satisfaction of the requirements of this state for the practice of a professional service. See Arizona Laws 10-2201
  • Licensing authority: means the officer, board, agency, court or other authority in this state empowered by law to license or otherwise authorize the rendition of a professional service. See Arizona Laws 10-2201
  • Original document: means any document of the United States government or any department or agency of the United States government, any foreign government, any state government or any political subdivision of any state, any United Nations document or any other document, including signed affidavits, that would demonstrate physical presence by a person in the United States. See Arizona Laws 12-2701
  • Person: includes an individual and entity. See Arizona Laws 10-140
  • Person: includes a corporation, company, partnership, firm, association or society, as well as a natural person. See Arizona Laws 1-215
  • Proceeding: includes a civil suit and a criminal, administrative and investigatory action. See Arizona Laws 10-140
  • Professional service: means a service that may be lawfully rendered only by a person licensed or otherwise authorized by a licensing authority in this state to render the service. See Arizona Laws 10-2201
  • Shareholder: means the person in whose name shares are registered in the records of a corporation or the beneficial owner of shares to the extent of the rights granted by a nominee certificate on file with a corporation. See Arizona Laws 10-140
  • Shares: means the units into which the proprietary interests in a corporation are divided. See Arizona Laws 10-140
  • trustees: means individuals, designated in the articles of incorporation or bylaws or elected by the incorporators, and their successors and individuals elected or appointed by any other name or title to act as members of the board. See Arizona Laws 10-3140
  • Unauthorized practice of immigration and nationality law: means :

    (a) The act of any person appearing in any case, either in person or through preparation or filing of any brief or other document, paper, application or petition on behalf of another person or client before or with the immigration and naturalization service, or any officer of the immigration and naturalization service, the executive office for immigration review or the board of immigration appeals, without authorization under this chapter. See Arizona Laws 12-2701

  • Vote: includes authorization by written ballot and written consent. See Arizona Laws 10-3140
  • Voting shares: means shares entitled to vote for election of directors of the professional corporation. See Arizona Laws 10-2201