(a) The Exchange, in consultation with stakeholders and the Legislature, shall develop options for providing financial assistance to help low- and middle-income Californians access health care coverage. On or before February 1, 2019, the Exchange shall report those developed options to the Legislature, Governor, and Council on Health Care Delivery Systems, established pursuant to Section 1001 of the Health and Safety Code, for consideration in the 2019-20 budget process.

(b) In developing the options, the Exchange shall do both of the following:

Terms Used In California Government Code 100503.3

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(1) Include options to assist low-income individuals who are paying a significant percentage of their income on premiums, even with federal financial assistance, and individuals with an annual income of up to 600 percent of the federal poverty level.

(2) Consider maximizing all available federal funding and, in consultation with the State Department of Health Care Services, determine whether federal financial participation for the Medi-Cal program would otherwise be jeopardized. The report shall include options that do not require a federal waiver authorized under Section 1332 of the federal act, as defined in subdivision (e) of Section 100501, from the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

(c) The Exchange shall make the report publicly available on its Internet Web site.

(Added by Stats. 2018, Ch. 34, Sec. 2. (AB 1810) Effective June 27, 2018.)