Whenever any position is changed by the adoption of new, different or additional machines or processes while the purpose or product is the same or similar in nature, any civil service employee affected shall be given reasonable opportunity without change in class, status, or salary to learn to do the work with the new machine or process and to qualify for status in the different class of position required for the work; provided, that an employee shall not be promoted to a higher class under this section. An employee who qualifies for appointment in the different class shall be deemed to possess the specific education, experience, or other requirements for that class and shall be appointed thereto with the same status and seniority which he or she last had in his or her previous class.

An employee shall be deemed to be affected under this section if the adoption of the new, different or additional machines or processes results in his or her being laid off and if laid off that employee shall have the same opportunity to qualify for appointment to any vacancy in the same class or any new class created because of the adoption of the new, different or additional machines or processes as any other employee affected by this section who was not laid off.

Terms Used In California Government Code 19050.7

The board may prescribe rules and procedures and make determinations for carrying out this section including provisions for such examinations and tests of fitness as are deemed appropriate.

(Added by renumbering Section 19994.8 by Stats. 1987, Ch. 316, Sec. 9.)