Article 1 Disciplinary Proceedings 19570 – 19589
Article 2 Tenure of Managerial Employees 19590 – 19593

Terms Used In California Codes > Government Code > Title 2 > Division 5 > Part 2 > Chapter 7

  • Access: means a personal inspection and review of a record or an accurate copy of a record, or an oral description or communication of a record or an accurate copy of a record, and a request to release a copy of any record. See California Education Code 76210
  • adverse action: means dismissal, demotion, suspension, or other disciplinary action. See California Government Code 19570
  • committee: means the chief administrative officer, auditor, and treasurer, or any other county employee appointed by the board of supervisors. See California Government Code 19815.3
  • department: means the Department of Parks and Recreation and "director" means the Director of Parks and Recreation. See California Revenue and Taxation Code 60365
  • Directory information: means one or more of the following items: a student's name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, the most recent previous public or private school attended by the student, and any other information authorized in writing by the student. See California Education Code 76210
  • fund: means the State Parks and Recreation Fund. See California Government Code 19583.1
  • Green Party: means the Green Party of California. See California Government Code 19582.51
  • Notice: includes all papers and orders required to be served in any proceedings before any court, board, or officer, or when required by law to be served independently of such proceeding. See California Government Code 26660
  • physical therapy: as used in this chapter , and a license issued pursuant to this chapter does not authorize the diagnosis of disease. See California Education Code 76370
  • state lands: means lands owned by, or under the jurisdiction of, the state or any state agency. See California Government Code 19405
  • Student record: means any item of information directly related to an identifiable student, other than directory information, which is maintained by a community college or required to be maintained by any employee in the performance of his or her duties, whether recorded by handwriting, print, tapes, film, microfilm or other means. See California Education Code 76210