As used in this article, the following definitions have the following meanings:

(a) (1) “License period” means all of that two-year period beginning as described in subparagraph (A) or (B) of paragraph (2), as applicable, and ending the second succeeding year on the last calendar day of the month in which the initial license was issued.

Terms Used In California Insurance Code 1758.89

  • license: includes a certificate of convenience and a permanent license, and the term "persons who are licensed" includes the holders of any such certificate or the license, but these definitions and the use of those terms in this chapter shall not confer upon a certificate of convenience or any holder thereof any property right in or to the certificate, the certificate being and remaining only a temporary permit, issued as a matter of convenience, allowing the transaction of insurance without a permanent license, but within the limits, and subject to the conditions of the certificate of convenience issued and the laws applicable thereto. See California Insurance Code 1627
  • organization: means any legal entity other than a natural person. See California Insurance Code 1628

(2) A license period shall be determined for each person as follows:

(A) Upon initial licensing, the license period starts on the date the license is issued.

(B) Subsequently, the license period starts the first day of the month following the month in which the initial license was issued.

(3) A license is required to be renewed on or before the expiration date of the license period.

(b) “Rental vehicle” or “vehicle” means a motor vehicle operated by a driver who is not required to possess a commercial driver’s license to operate the motor vehicle and the motor vehicle is either of the following:

(1) A private passenger motor vehicle, including a passenger van, minivan, or sports utility vehicle.

(2) A cargo vehicle, including a cargo van, pickup truck, or truck with a gross vehicle weight of less than 26,000 pounds.

(c) “Renter” means any person who obtains the use of a vehicle from a rental car company under the terms of a rental agreement.

(d) “Rental car company” means any person in the business of renting vehicles to the public.

(e) “Rental agreement” means any written agreement setting forth the terms and conditions governing the use of a vehicle provided by the rental car company.

(f) “Rental car agent” means a person or organization licensed pursuant to this article to offer insurance in connection with and incidental to rental car agreements on behalf of an insurer authorized to write those types of insurance in this state.

(g) “Endorsee” means an unlicensed employee of a rental car agent who meets the requirements of this article.

(Added by renumbering Section 1785.89 by Stats. 2000, Ch. 135, Sec. 111. Effective January 1, 2001.)