As used in this article, “advisory organization” means every group, association, or other organization of insurers, whether located within or outside of this state, that develops and prepares policy or bond forms, or manuals, for use by admitted insurers, carries on research relative to the development and preparation of policy and bond forms, and acts in an advisory, as distinguished from a ratemaking, capacity.

Every advisory organization shall, prior to operation, file with the commissioner (a) a copy or its constitution, its articles of agreement or association, or its certificate of incorporation, and its bylaws, rules, and regulations governing its activities, (b) a list of its members, and (c) the name and address of a resident of this state upon whom notices or orders of the commissioner or process issued at his or her direction may be served. Every advisory organization shall thereafter promptly notify the commissioner of every material change in the documents required to be filed with the commissioner.

Terms Used In California Insurance Code 1855.2

(Amended by Stats. 1991, Ch. 880, Sec. 5.)