The following areas of the state shall not be approved as a site for a facility, unless the commission finds that such use is not inconsistent with the primary uses of such lands and that there will be no substantial adverse environmental effects and the approval of any public agency having ownership or control of such lands is obtained:

(a) State, regional, county and city parks; wilderness, scenic or natural reserves; areas for wildlife protection, recreation, historic preservation; or natural preservation areas in existence on the effective date of this division.

(b) Estuaries in an essentially natural and undeveloped state.

In considering applications for certification, the commission shall give the greatest consideration to the need for protecting areas of critical environmental concern, including, but not limited to, unique and irreplaceable scientific, scenic, and educational wildlife habitats; unique historical, archaelogical, and cultural sites; lands of hazardous concern; and areas under consideration by the state or the United States for wilderness, or wildlife and game reserves.

(Added by Stats. 1974, Ch. 276.)