§ 24450 Any person who causes damage to any aircraft that may reasonably be …
§ 24451 Any person failing to comply with the requirements of Section 24550 …

Terms Used In California Codes > Public Utilities Code > Division 9 > Part 6 - AIRCRAFT DAMAGE REPORTING

  • Board: means the State Public Works Board. See California Government Code 15802
  • Construction: includes the extension, enlargement, repair, renovation, restoration, improvement, furnishing, and equipping of any public building. See California Government Code 15802
  • County: includes city and county. See California Public Utilities Code 18
  • Public building: includes any structure, building, facility, or work that a state agency has jurisdiction of, or is authorized to design or construct, including, but not limited to, infrastructure, parking lots, landscaping, and other ancillary facilities, including furnishings and equipment, incidental to the use of any building, and also includes the site thereof, and any easements or rights of way appurtenant thereto or necessary for its full use. See California Government Code 15802