(a) Vendor certification shall not be in effect and vouchers shall not be accepted until receipt by the applicant of a certified vendor identification stamp, a certified vendor identification sign and the applicant copy of the department-vendor agreement.

(b) Vendor certification shall expire at the end of each year of issuance. The department shall not limit the number of vendors who may become certified under CFM/WIC. A vendor who satisfies all the following criteria shall be certified to accept vouchers:

(1) Agrees to maintain only Connecticut-grown fresh produce on display in a certified vendor stall;

(2) Indicates an intent to participate in one or more authorized farmers’ markets;

(3) Demonstrates participation in training on CFM/WIC rules and procedures through attendance in an entire session of one of the scheduled training meetings conducted by department staff;

(4) Submits a signed statement of receipts of a vendor certification handbook;

(5) Submits a completed application and crop plan to the department prior to the deadline established by the department; and

(6) Submits completed and signed certified vendor agreements to the department.