(a) A certified vendor may accept vouchers only for a transaction that takes place at a certified farmers’ market and only in exchange for Connecticut-grown fresh produce and may accept vouchers as payment for Connecticut-grown fresh produce only if presented on or before the usage expiration date printed on the face of the voucher.

(b) A certified vendor shall (1) prominently display a certified vendor identification sign as outlined in the certified vendor handbook, (2) provide Connecticut-grown fresh produce to participants upon receipt of a valid and properly completed voucher, which is signed by the WIC client, (3) handle transactions with WIC participants in the same manner as transactions with all other customers, (4) not collect state or local taxes on purchases involving vouchers, (5) charge participants a price for Connecticut-grown fresh produce that is equal to or less than the current price charged to nonparticipant customers, (6) not levy a surcharge based on the use of vouchers by participants, (7) return no cash or issue credit in any form to participants during sales transactions that involve vouchers only and in the event of a single transaction in which a participant presents a combination of cash and vouchers for the purchase of Connecticut-grown fresh produce, cash or credit up to the value of the cash portion of the payment shall be given to the participant, (8) participate in training as the department deems necessary to carry out the intent of CFM/WIC, (9) cooperate with the department in the evaluation of each season by completely and accurately responding to a survey, with resubmission to the department in a specified and timely manner, (10) immediately inform the department in the event of loss, destruction, or theft of either the certified vendor endorsement stamp or certified vendor identification sign so that a replacement may be issued, and (11) comply with all procedures and rules as herein outlined and as delineated in the department-vendor agreement, the certified vendor handbook and official written notices of clarification issued by the department to the vendor.