§ 19a-200 City, borough and town directors of health. Sanitarians. Authorized agents
§ 19a-201 Appointment of director by municipality or district and hospital jointly
§ 19a-202 Payments to municipalities
§ 19a-202a Requirements re municipality designating itself as having a part-time health department. Regulations
§ 19a-202b Payments to municipalities: Distribution of excess funds
§ 19a-203 “Director of health” substituted for “health officer”
§ 19a-204 Certificate of appointment to be filed
§ 19a-205 Salaries of directors of health
§ 19a-206 Duties of municipal directors of health. Nuisances and sources of filth. Injunctions. Civil penalties. Authority of town director within city or borough. Availability of relocation assistance
§ 19a-207 Duties of local officials. Emergencies. Regulations
§ 19a-207a Basic health program
§ 19a-208 Health conferences
§ 19a-209 Jurisdiction of local director of health over streams
§ 19a-209a Permit for wells on residential property near approved community water supply systems. Mitigation or abandonment of irrigation wells
§ 19a-209b Prohibited discontinuance of water service from private residential wells
§ 19a-209c Application for exception to separating distance requirements for repair or new construction of subsurface sewage disposal system. Notice requirements. Approval of application not an affirmative defense to claims relating to contamination
§ 19a-210 Removal of refuse
§ 19a-211 Toilets in public places
§ 19a-212 Nuisance arising from swampy lands
§ 19a-213 Mosquito-breeding places; treatment
§ 19a-214 Procedure for suspension of delivery by fuel oil and bottled gas retailers to rental residences
§ 19a-215 Commissioner’s lists of reportable diseases, emergency illnesses and health conditions and reportable laboratory findings. Reporting requirements. Confidentiality. Fines
§ 19a-216 Examination or treatment of minor for venereal disease. Confidentiality. Liability for costs
§ 19a-216a Examination and treatment of persons at communicable disease control clinics. Confidentiality
§ 19a-219 Prevention of blindness in newborn infants
§ 19a-220 Enforcement of orders of health authorities
§ 19a-221 Order of quarantine or isolation of certain persons. Appeal of order. Hearing
§ 19a-222 Vaccination
§ 19a-223 Municipalities may contract for health services
§ 19a-224 Fish scrap and fertilizer
§ 19a-225 Manufacture and treatment of oil and garbage. Processing of fish for animal consumption in Stonington
§ 19a-226 Unloading and transportation of fertilizers
§ 19a-227 Anchorage of houseboats
§ 19a-228 Penalty for anchoring within designated limits
§ 19a-229 Appeal
§ 19a-230 Penalty
§ 19a-231 Inspection of salons
§ 19a-232 Tanning facilities. Use of tanning devices by minors prohibited. Fines and enforcement